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Creator & Designer
Tishoo is a simple calculator app that estimates how long your toilet paper stock will last. Sounds interesting? Download Now from the App Store.
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The Problem

It's March 2020 and there's no toilet paper in stores. Out of panic and fear from the outbreak, people were hoarding toilet paper. I was compelled to put my design thinking skills to use so I quickly collaborated with my friend, Satnam and aimed to provide a solution.
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The Solution

Based on the results of primary research, I created a generic user persona of potential users and quickly identified pain points then I outlined a project scope and user flows.

It turned out that most people overestimated how much toilet paper they really needed and were buying/hoarding enough to last a household 2-3 months. Tishoo would solve this problem by helping people calculate how long their current stock of toilet paper would last in case they needed to quarantine or stay indoors.
I translated these ideas into wireframes for quick testing and feedback before final visual details.
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Over a one-week design and development sprint, I and Satnam finished Tishoo and submitted it to the App Store. We got a lot of positive feedback from some of our users and we are glad to have contibuted to the calm during these times. Tishoo is available to download in the App Store since mid-March 2020.

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