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Creator & Designer
KEV is an iOS app designed to help photographers and filmmakers measure accurate white balance for cameras and drones. It is currently available for download on the App Store since Jan 2020.
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The Challenge

Most cameras use an automatic process to set the colour temperature of a photo or video known as White Balance. However, this is often inaccurate or unreliabale. Photographers & filmmakers would usually lock this to a manual setting for more control but determining the proper white balance can very challenging and intimidating.

The challenge then was to find a way to solve this problem for both beginner/hobbyist and professional photographers and filmmakers.
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The Solution

KEV utilizes the technology in iPhones, which has a higher accuracy level determining the colour temperature of a scene. We employed this along side other features to design and build a simple and beatiful white balance meter for creators.

We also included other features like the ability to adjust the white balance reading from KEV for finetuning and others like switching camera FOV, type and also saving a reading.
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KEV has since been one of my favourite side projects considering the feedback we've gotten from our users like Prince who said:

"I work a lot on getting colours right on skin tones while on set and KEV helps me achieve natural colours faster".

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