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mobile application
Client: Personal Project
Year: 2020
Role: Product Designer
A dead simple app designed to help you calculate how long you can last on toilet paper you already have during quarantine.

Design and ship an app that discourages sers from hoarding toilet paper.

I and my good friend Satnam, an iOS developer I’ve been friends with since 2014; when I was a full-time Swift coder myself, discussed how we could contribute to keeping people calm and prevent the hoarding disease. Tishoo was the solution.

Tishoo Screens
Tishoo Watch

Tishoo was a nice little fun app to ship but it also taught us a lot.

Apart from the interesting feedback we got from our users; which gave more insight on how users think, I also improved my design, collaboration and leadership skills which allowed this app to go from concept to market under a week.